Using Drush To Install Drupal 7 from Scratch

Using Drush you can really simplify the process of installing a brand new Drupal site using a couple of commands in your CLI/Terminal. Follow the instructions below to get started. 1. Firstly, create a Database for your New Drupal Installation and note the login credentials. 2. Open your terminal and change directory 'CD" to your Web Directory and enter the commands below: The Web Directory/Document Root will depend on the OS you are using: Linux/Ubuntu: Linux: var/www/html/ Windows (XAMPP/WAMPP): C:\xampp\htdocs or C:\wamp\htdocs 7.x: here 'x' is the version number. Right now it's 7.35 so i enter drupal-7.35.

Correctly Using Registry Rebuild in a Multisite Installation in Drupal 7

If you have a multisite Drupal installation and need to run Registry Rebuild follow the instruction below. As the first line in the download page states, remember this is not a module and you can't enable it. And if rightly set you can rebuild your Registry with ease. Download the files and place it inside the folder of the website whose registry you would like to rebuild. Say, suppose your multisite is as follows: 1. (Main Site) 2. (Multisite 1) 3. (Multisite 2) & you would like to rebuild the registry for Site #2 viz.

First Learn To Become A Better Visual Web Designer Then A Developer

Well this title is not a thumb rule, but if you are in the Web business like the way I am, then this certainly holds true for you.
My own experience is that the general client is least bothered about how strong a website you might have built in terms of web technologies, but unless your website is visually appealing, they do not care much about your site's technical aspect. Now that does not mean you develop a lousy website, very poor in technical standars and which is just visually appealing! But if your website is strong in the technical side and also graphically chic, it holds a lot of value for your product.