Developing high performance large-scale web applications and services since 2008

Whether you seek to optimise your business by automation, or open new revenue streams by creating something completely new.

Whether it is an innovative idea changing the world or craving a new niche in a crowded marketplace competing against established players. We are here to help you to make it happen.

Our team has a cross-platform, multi-industry experience of building products that work on different devices.

We develop, upgrade, maintain and support web-based applications and database-driven websites.

We can help you to:

  • Build new systems from scratch.
  • Maintain, extend and improve existing databases, software or web applications.
  • Rebuild existing software systems using modern technologies to create more reliable and flexible solutions.
  • Migrate existing processes, handled on paper or by disjointed software packages, into one integrated web-based application.

    In technical terms our core expertise is developing web-based software (web applications) although you may use a different term: database application, web solution, web site, web portal, intranet, CMS, CRM, back-office software, etc. Web or mobile – they are really the same thing nowadays.

    We work with mainly open source tools like PHP, Java, .NET, RoR, Python with HTML5/AJAX, CMS and Falsh with our core expertise in Drupal CMS/CMF, developing solutions for PCs, tablets and smartphones. We integrated our apps with 100s of different services and APIs.

Unique web-based products and services.
Deliver your expertise, know-how, products or services online, create new revenue streams and business opportunities and improve relationships with your customers.
The viability of conducting business online is borne out by the fact that some of our clients have web-only business models.

Business automation systems improving the efficiency of your operation.
Your existing business processes may be run on a legacy system or by a combination of applications, e.g. MS Word, MS Excel, MS Access or other specific desktop packages—they may even be handled on paper.
New bespoke software can handle different aspects of your business and convert existing, disconnected processes into one, integrated, web-based application.

Information Web Sites, Portals and online communities.
As web technologies move forward, customers expect more and more even from your traditional information web-site or portal. We work with businesses on improving their web presence making them to stand out from the competition.

To know more about our services please follow the links below.

Web Services

Design Services

Logo Design

A well designed logo conveys a lot about your brand and we make sure this is achieved in each of our logo design.

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Graphic Design

We make sure your product garners the right attention in the market by creating ingenious designs.

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Motion Graphics

Give life to your graphics. Animate your static images & texts. Try flash, motion graphics and animations!

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Why your site needs a CMS?

Not all sites are created equal. Websites that give their owner control over content will inevitably, over time outperform those without. 
If you can understand the structure of your website, know how to use upload and save buttons and can use a basic word-processor then you’re probably CMS admin qualified.

Drupal Development

Drupal is considered one of the ideal CMS development tools for creating unique and feature filled websites. Technically, Drupal is the most robust and effective CMS platform available.

WordPress Development

WordPress’ rapid growth in popularity during the past few years was by no means a coincidence. For many website development, there is hardly any other CMS that can match WordPress’ ease of use.

Joomla Development

As a backend and open source content management system, Joomla has become extremely popular in the industry of website design and development.