e-Commerce can be easily understood as the buying and selling of products and services over internet. An e-Commerce website makes this task happen with ease of offering all the products at one stop.

e-Commerce sites are found everywhere in today’s web and remain one of the top ways to enhance consumer interaction. This great feature does not come without problems. Despite the ease of online shopping, e-Commerce cart abandonment rates hover around 95-96%. Sometimes customers simply change their minds (we can not really do anything about that), but more often than not customers are led around in circles by poorly-designed websites that confuse and frustrate them.Ecommerce Development in Nepal

Features of an e-Commerce site:

  • e-Commerce sites have to put an image of vibrancy, competitiveness and efficiency.
  • The pages have to be search engine optimized if you want your site to be visible in search engines at higher places.
  • Integration of the website with PayPal that would help accept real-time credit card processing instantly.
  • The templates of the site be designed professionally and there should be enough space to accommodate catalogues prepared in Excel.
  • The site has to be integrated with other websites using HTML editor, which involves allotting codes to web pages.

We believe that your website can be more efficient and can earn more profit, provided that it is designed in the best possible manner, and is kept simple and organized. We focus on better purchasing methods and organized sorting. Being descriptive about products is something that we normally don’t miss out on.

We provide a wide range of e-Commerce website solutions ranging from e-Commerce web design and front end development to the backend development. We provide various features like gift coupons, order management, etc. We provide the best encrypted SSL certificates to ensure that the transactions done over your website are safe and secured. We ensure that you have a unique experience with us, providing you with the best possible ecommerce solutions as and when required. At Marpa Infotech, we value your time and consider our work to be an opportunity to see both sides benefiting from it in the best possible manner.

Feel free to contact us for our innovative and highly organized e-Commerce website solutions and website development to have a leading edge on your field of business.