Website Redesign

Do you have a site that is not getting the number of visitors and conversions that you originally anticipated? Are your competitor’s websites surpassing your site in terms of visibility and Website Redesign in Nepalconsumer awareness? Are the pages on your site failing to show up on the first page of search engine results?

Joomla Development

As a backend and open source content management system, Joomla has become extremely popular in the industry of website design and development.

This is because Joomla facilitates instant and easy web content update.

Nowadays, nearly 2.7% of the web runs on Joomla, and Joomla Web Design is used by both small and medium size online business ventures as well as large multinational companies. Joomla Development in Nepal

WordPress Development

WordPress’ rapid growth in popularity during the past few years was by no means a coincidence.

For many website development, there is hardly any other CMS that can match WordPress’ ease of use.

WordPress’ development environment makes it very easy to build a website from scratch and keep it up to date with relevant content. It does not require any web programming language expertise to manage content in WordPress.

Drupal Development

Drupal is considered one of the ideal CMS development tools for creating unique and feature filled websites.

It offers an extensive functionality when it comes to validation and security implementation.

Graphic Design

Good products with good presentation have market advantage over good product with bad presentation. We make your product garner attention in the market by implying lot of theme based branding for it. As the saying goes, 'A single picture speaks more than 1000 words.'  Graphics Design in NepalSo, one of the easiest way to capture the attention of the human mind is by presenting your ideas/products in the form of an eye-catching picture or graphic design.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to the process of increasing the visitors to the website. By prioritizing the website ranking for a particular keyword targeting the website in the mainframe search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing. SEO spruces up the websites making it a lot more conspicuous and visible than before. You can resort to our SEO services to target and maximize the peepers looking forward to garner and obtain the services, data and products that you offer.


e-Commerce can be easily understood as the buying and selling of products and services over internet. An e-Commerce website makes this task happen with ease of offering all the products at one stop.

Content Management Sytem (CMS)

Content Management System (CMS) is a tool which allows publishing, managing, editing, modifying, and updating content within your website. CMS is a pivotal tool which publishes content robustly and reduces time.

Website Maintenance

With our website maintenance services, we make sure your site is always updated and your internet marketing campaign stays within budget. Our company offers affordable website maintenance in Nepal, back-up and service redesign, content updates, support via telephone, e-mail, repair and alteration of existing web pages to keep your website always updated. Website Maintenance is considered as a huge task for most of the companies and it is also important to have efficient technical knowledge to accomplish it.

Web Development

Marpa Infotech is a top-notch web development company in Nepal.